Parasol Inc

Originally a leading pharmaceutical company with leading beauty and anti-aging products the Parasol Corporation has emerged as a powerful para-military organization amidst the chaos of the global spread of the Z0M813 virus.

In the years since the Apocalypse began they have become the lone formal opposition to the infection. Offering sanctuary to those free form the infection and producing the only known form of anti-virus which can nullify the infection before it takes hold.

Despite rumors of kidnapping and dark experiments those who wish to have a chance of survival are forced to work with Parasol.


Parasol Credits

Working as contractors for hire, freelance survivors can earn credits to purchase advanced weaponry, armor, and other rare and vital resources. These credits are the only form of currency still in use.


Parasol Ranks

To track contractors standing with the corporation Parasol has introduced a 10 tier ranking system. Those with higher rankings are given access to more advanced enhancements and weapon upgrades as well as increased access to restricted zones. Most importantly, the highest ranking contractors are given priority boarding when Parasol moves on from areas deemed overrun by infected or no longer of company interest.