Wasteland, July 2016

Wasteland, July 2017

The 3rd Annual Wasteland Post Apocalypse game was held in August of 2016. Around 40 players braved the rains to spend 7 hours in the Waste.

In this game the Cliff Runners and Valley Folk restored their age old alliance which was broken the previous year. With Valley Folk reinforcements the Cliff Runners were able to strike out from their mountain home against their blood enemies the Bone Raiders. The Valley folk struggled to fend off the constant threat of raiding marauders who established a long standing deal with the Bone Raiders. The Bone Raiders established a Thunder-dome, a fighting pit in which to test their skills and that of captives or anyone brave enough to wander into their part of the waste and declare a challenge.

ALBUM 1: Photo credit to Nicolette Thiessen

ALBUM 2: Photo credit to Shania Thiessen