Wasteland Volunteer

Wasteland Volunteers

The Wasteland is an all day Post Apocalypse themed event inspired by of Mad Max and Fallout. Held 1-2 times a year typically during the months of July and September. Nearly 100 people come together to battle for their faction and populate this immersive world.

Be a Tavern NPC


Role Description
Be a crucial part of your town by running the tavern. Give out quests, snacks, and water to your people. Help answer rule questions and track your factions renown.

Time Commitment: 8 Hours

Provided: Questbook, Food & Water

RequirementsExtensive game rules knowledge

Be a Monster NPC


Role Description
Roam the waste and devour those unfortunate enough to cross your path. You will help add to the game by making travel dangerous.

Time Commitment: 4-8 Hours

Provided: Costume, Food, Water

RequirementsSome LARP experience

Be a Character NPC


Role Description
The waste is full of all sorts of strange and unique characters and in this role you will play several. Sometimes helping, other times hindering the various factions.

Time Commitment: 4-8 Hours

Provided: Costume, Food, Water

Requirements: Acting LARP experience

Be a Safety Officer


Role Description
Help examine and test all weaponry brought in by players to ensure it is safe for play. 

Time Commitment: 2 Hours

Provided: Safety Rulebook

Requirements: Extensive Safety Rules Knowledge

Be Sign-In Staff


Role Description
Greet participants and run them through the sign-in process.

Time Commitment: 2 Hours

Provided: Registration Book

Requirements: Customer Service Skills

Help with Setup


Role Description
Help transport and setup props and equipment for the event. We couldn’t make this game a reality without volunteers like you. Work gloves and clothes recommended.

Time Commitment: 2-8 Hours

Provided: Food & Water

Requirements: No Prior Experience Needed

Volunteer Benefits

As a volunteer you will play for free or at a discounted price depending on the duration of your role. All volunteers will be provided food and snacks during the game.

Volunteer Benefits ICons4

Discounted Price

Volunteer Benefits ICons6

Free Food & Drink

Next Opportunity


Sept 2019 @ Location TBA

An all day Post Apocalyptic event. Join one of 3 factions and compete to rule the Waste!

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Volunteer calls are put out approximately 2 month before the event, but its never too early to let us know you’re interested. Send us a message via facebook or email today! 


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