Combat Volunteer

Combat Volunteers

Intense live action Combat using foam weapons, shields, and real armor. Compete in Capture the Flag style scenarios, mini-games, and more.

Be an NPC


Role Description
As an NPC you will play a crucial role in the game as a nobleman/lady or skilled artisan. Teams will be required to interact with you in order to earn points and win the scenario. 

Time Commitment: 2 Hours

Provided: NPC stats, Costume

RequirementsSome acting experience

Be a Referee


Role Description
Help setup, organize, and adjudicate games. As a referee you will make calls, settle disputes, and help keep score at games.

Time Commitment: 4 Hours

Provided: Ref Tabard, Rulebook

RequirementsExtensive game rules knowledge

Volunteer Benefits

In our Combat LARP volunteer roles are perfect for those who want to be involved but aren’t interested in the combat aspect of the game.

For events which include food, such as our season launch and season finale, you will get free food and drink.

Everyone who has volunteered throughout the season is also invited to our season end Banquet.

Volunteer Benefits ICons5

Year End Banquet

Volunteer Benefits ICons6

Free Food & Drink

Next Opportunity


May 4 @ La Barrier Park

Join us as we kick off our brand new season with mini-games, tournament, scenario battle, and hot dogs!

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Volunteer calls are put out approximately 2 weeks before each event, but its never too early to let us know you’re interested. Send us a message via facebook or email today! 


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